Children’s Dental in Phoenixville: Common Causes and Prevention Methods for Tooth Decay

June, 2014 by Alma Abell

Having a family brings joy and makes life worth living. However, there are many challenges that one faces while trying to ensure that every member is healthy and comfortable. Most parents fail to realize the high risk of a child getting tooth cavities; a chronic disease that affects kids more than any other disease. Thus they end up forgetting or ignore visiting children’s dental in Phoenixville.


This can cause adverse effects to the child’s future if the problem is not treated early enough. This is because the child may become low self-esteemed, and lack confidence while speaking or and smiling.


Tooth decay is mainly caused by foods that contain a lot of sugary foods. Deposits of these foods on the teeth are fermented by bacteria in the mouth resulting to formation of lactic acid. The acid destroys the minerals on the teeth surface resulting into cavities. This acid can also be produced by oral bacteria’s in the mouth like lactobacilli and streptococcus mutans.

Tooth decay may also be facilitated by partially formed enamel; this makes it susceptible to action by lactic acid in the mouth causing cavities. Additionally, the saliva glands may fail to produce enough saliva that helps in neutralizing this acid.

Prevention methods

Tooth cavities can be prevented or treated in the early stages upon manifestation of its signs and symptoms; a spot of decay on the teeth surface, a hole on the side, bad breadth and foul taste from the mouth. Prevention methods are:

Brushing and flossing

Blushing teeth with base toothpaste enables neutralization of the lactic acid. It also kills germs and bacteria that may have developed in the mouth specifically on the surface and sides of the teeth. Flossing involves use of a soft thread to clean the surfaces between teeth. This prevents accumulation of food, plaque and other substances that provide habitable conditions for bacteria.

Changing eating habits

Avoid or reduce the frequency of feeding your kid with sugary foods like snacks as they end up being fermented to acidic solution. Consumption of milk and cheddar cheese after eating sugary substances can help counter the fermentation process.

It is advisable that you seek Pediatric Dentistry of Phoenixville whenever you identify any signs and or symptoms of tooth decay as soon as possible. For consultation and other professional services that children-oriented, visit

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