Catering Considerations When Planning a Reception

February, 2014 by Alma Abell

Catering Considerations When Planning a Reception

If you have been tasked to plan for the food and beverages for a reception in Sterling Heights, MI there are a few planning items that must be considered that perhaps are not so obvious. To ensure a successful reception consider these few tips:


Know the guest profile:

Many business people are invited to many events throughout the year and a phrase, “rubber chicken circuit” has evolved among these circles. If you fully understand the professional level of the guests, the numbers of times they attend events such as yours and where they live you are in a better position to prevent your event from getting on this undesirable circuit.

Know the guest preferences:

The more you know about your guests the better the menu offering at your reception in Sterling Heights, MI will be. Consider the age of the guests, attendees that are older may appreciate a milder meal while younger health conscious guests will perhaps prefer more vegetables and fish.

Offer menu choices:

To ensure that all guests are please, offer a minimum of three entrees, numerous salad dressings and at least two deserts; one healthy and one indulgent.

Seasonal and fresh items:

The time of year that you have your reception can play a big part in deciding the menu offerings. Take full notice of what is available for the season; is it spring or winter? If the event venue is held where there is an abundance of fresh fish, then by all means include this on the menu.

The menu should fit the schedule:

Depending on the event, it may be the clock that has a major impact on the menu and the method of serving the food. If your event leaves little time for food, consider serving a box lunch, buffets need about an hour and a sit-down meal at least one and a half hours.

Special needs:

Before the reception it is important to identify if any of the expected guests has any special needs, consideration include religious requirements as well as dietary restrictions.

When planning for a reception in Sterling Heights, MI never forget the adage that people eat with their eyes before they eat with their mouth. Regardless of how the food and beverages are presented it should be done in such a way that your guests will want to eat. If the meal looks good, no doubt it will be good.

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