Best Times For Home Relocating In Charlotte, NC

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Best Times For Home Relocating In Charlotte, NC

If you are moving homes from one neighborhood in Charlotte, NC, to another in the city or in a short distance from the city, there are some opportune times to plan your move.

By choosing your relocating dates and times to fall outside of the peak moving seasons, days and times you have additional flexibility and ability to choose your own moving schedule. It is also possible to get special deals and moving incentives when relocating outside of peak moving season, which can add up significantly for both small and large moves.

Fall to Early Spring

From the first part of September through to the end of May, the moving volume tends to be lower for moving companies. This is true across the country as families with kids in school put off relocating until after the end of the school year and before the beginning of school in the fall.

If you are moving from fall to spring seasons, you have a better chance of moving to meet your schedule for both moving out as well as moving in, which is important for an apartment to apartment move.

Mid Month vs. End of Month

While not as much of a concern for flexible home closings, most apartment, condo and rental types of moves occur in the first and last of the month. If it is possible to move mid-month, it is easier to book a moving service on or relatively close to your desired moving day.

Mid Week vs. Weekend

Most working people and busy families in Charlotte, NC, are going to find moving on a weekend more convenient than moving on a weekday from Monday through Thursday.

By choosing to move mid-month, mid-week and during the off-peak season, it may be possible to not only make move scheduling a lot easier but to also save on the total cost of the move.

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