Are You Looking For Someone With Travel Trailers For Sale In Seattle, WA?

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

A travel trailer is usually known as a type of Recreational Vehicle (RV) – in so much as it provides a mobile, home away from home while driving anywhere on our Country’s roads. Once you have towed your travel trailer somewhere and found a suitable place to park it; you can indeed live quite comfortably inside it and your towing vehicle reverts to being an easy to drive means of transport to use when exploring the nearby area; or, going shopping for supplies.


A small “Teardrop” travel trailer is the easiest to tow behind you (although any trailer, however small, can be “tricky” when parking or reversing); but, its small size means that there will not be too many “home comforts” inside it. Also, many find the shape of “Teardrops” somewhat unattractive; if not downright ugly.

Although nowhere near as popular as they once were; larger travel trailers like the “Airstream” brand from Thor Industries are still being made; albeit, often to near antique designs; that are nowhere near the range and scope of the trailers being made in Europe under the general name of caravans. However, inside, there is space for most of the home comforts you would like to take with you on your journey.


One of the reasons for the decline in popularity of travel trailers is the big rise in popularity of the RV’s that you can actually drive (rather than tow behind you) – trailer or self driven; they are both RV’s; so, if you are looking for new, or pre-used, travel trailers in Seattle; you would be better advised to seek out the RV dealers. However, with less new travel trailers being purchased; there is likely to be a shortage of selection for you to choose from. Especially the more comfortable, larger models; which owners can, more easily sell off to be turned into static homes in a trailer park.

Whether or not you can find any travel trailers in Seattle depends very much on luck and timing; should you visit a dealer, the day after a trailer owner has put in his trailer, in part exchange for an upgrade to a self-propelled RV, your luck will be in. But, be warned, this does not happen all that frequently.

If you are looking for travel trailers for sale in Seattle; you could try the dealership of Beaver Coach Sales & Service. This Oregon based company has a presence in Seattle and offers a fine selection of RV’s for sale. Check them out at Beaver Coach Sales & Service; but, call them first on 1(800) 382-2597 to check if they currently have any trailers.

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