Acquiring Power Of Attorney In Hawaii

December, 2013 by Alma Abell

Power of attorney in Hawaii provides authority to legal handle the affairs of a loved one. This authority provides the individual with the ability to utilize the loved one’s bank account to pay his or her expenses. Expenses include living, medical, and other costs associated with care for the loved one. It also entitles the individual with the right to act on behalf of their loved one in terms of select properties and assets. To acquire power of attorney, contact the Law Offices of Cheryl Takabayashi.

Why You Need Power of Attorney
If you are married to a member of the armed forces who is on active duty, it is necessary for you to seek power of attorney during his or her deployment. This authority allows you to access his or her military-based checking or saving account. It also provides you with the authority to manage any assets or properties that list him or her as the rightful owner. The same is true for seniors and disabled individual for which you are providing care.

Local Attorney
Cheryl Takabayashi represents family in matters related to wills, established trust, and other concepts within family law. She can assist you in acquiring power of attorney for your loved one to enable you to manage his or her finances and expenses. This authority entitles you to pay his or her bills by utilizing bank and savings accounts where funds are available to you. To begin this process, you and your loved one should contact Ms. Takabayashi’s law office and schedule an appointment. Contact information for her law office is located on her website at

Power of attorney in Hawaii is a legal right to control key assets, properties, and bank accounts for a loved one for the purpose of paying expenses and ensuring that they receive medical care. This authority is typically awarded to family members of seniors, disabled children, and spouses of military personnel. The sole purpose for acquiring this authority is not to capitalize on assets that do not belong to you, but to protect the interests of your loved one. If your loved one has become incapacitated or deployed, you may need to seek power of attorney through an attorney. To achieve this requirement, contact Cheryl Takabayashi today.

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