AC Repair in Palm Harbor, FL

by | Nov 29, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Palm Harbor, Florida is not an area known for cool temperatures. The average high temperature in the summer months of May through August varies between 89 and 90 degrees. The average low temperatures for the same months vary between 70 to 75 degrees. During the summer months, living without an air conditioner is virtually impossible. The sweltering heat and high temperatures can cause dangerous heat related illnesses like heatstroke, heat rashes, or heat exhaustion. If an air conditioner is broken and in need of repair, contacting a service person immediately is the best option to protect the health of the occupants in the building.

Before calling a service representative for AC Repair in Palm Harbor, FL, moving through the list of common air conditioning problems is beneficial. If the problem is found before calling a professional, it can be fixed more quickly and allow the owner to save more money. The majority of air conditioning problems is a result of inadequate maintenance. To maintain a unit properly often involves changing the filter, clearing the ducts of dust and debris, and maintaining the amount of refrigerant in the system. Some common problems include: refrigerant leaks, electric control failure, sensor problems, and drainage problems. Refrigerant leaks are most noticeable when the air conditioner is low on refrigerant. Electric control failure is when the compressor and fan controls wear out. Sensor problems typically show signs of an overactive or sporadic air conditioner. Drainage problems usually include a clogged condensate drain. Qualified service technicians who specialize in air conditioning repair are the best ones for the job.

There are many companies that perform AC Repair in Palm Harbor, FL. Some of these companies offer same day service while others may take a few days to completely repair the unit. Not all air conditioning units will have the same issue, however. Some companies offer free quotes or estimates for their services. As always, if the extra cost can be avoided, it is best to fix it oneself. Although saving money is helpful, repairing the air conditioning unit correctly is much better. Proper maintenance of the AC unit will help avoid some of the common problems mentioned above.

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