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by | Jun 9, 2015 | Recycling

In some cases, you might have money laying around your home or yard and not even realize it. This is frequently the case with aluminum scrap metal. Aluminum is used in a whole host of different building applications today and is especially popular for things like siding and gutters. An Aluminum Recycling Company in Baltimore can help you turn that aluminum that is no longer needed into cash on the spot.

Recognizing Aluminum Scrap Metal

The best way to recognize aluminum is by its color in many cases. It is always silver, but it is not always a reflective type of silver. In certain situations, there might be a piece of aluminum that appears to be white. This is due to the fact that it was coated in white paint for aesthetic reasons or to stop the aluminum from creating too much reflection. If you find a piece of metal that you suspect might be aluminum but it is white in color, you should scratch the surface of the metal to see if the telltale silver metal lies beneath. You need not scratch off all the paint. Your aluminum recycling company will remove the paint if it is necessary to recycle it.

Where to Find Aluminum Scrap Metal For Recycling

When you are trying to find aluminum to take to an Aluminum Recycling Company in Baltimore, there are a couple of key places to look. Construction sites are one place where aluminum is often found, so if you have recently done any renovations or construction on your home, look all around the site once the job is finished. Another place to look for aluminum is in your own trash can. Most soda cans, and a large portion of energy drink cans are crafted from aluminum. While one or two drink cans won’t yield much at the recyclers, if you save all of your cans you’ll be surprised how rapidly that pile of aluminum will add up. You may also find aluminum in door or window frames in your home. Click here for more information.

If you have your windows replaced or altered, be sure to ask the contractor if there was any aluminum removed during the project. To learn more about a local Aluminum Recycling Company in Baltimore, browse the website at Mid-Atlantic Metals Inc.

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