A Lawyer Can Help You Get Your Social Security Disability Benefits

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A Lawyer Can Help You Get Your Social Security Disability Benefits

Getting disability benefits from Social Security can be a long, drawn process which often poses numerous challenges. Social Security sets the bar quite high, as a claimant it is your responsibility to prove beyond doubt that you are indeed disabled, but your disability stops you from doing any work that you have done in the past or doing any substantial gainful activity.

For you to prove that you are disabled and you can’t earn a living the SSA will undertake an in-depth review of all your medical records and history. Your age, your educational background and your work history are also taken into account. Along with your medical history, work history, etc, the SSA have strict rules that apply to the approval or denial of a claim. A failure on your part to meet any of these strict rules and requirements can, and usually does, result in denial of your claim. It is easy to see why many claimants turn to a disability lawyer in Knox County for guidance and assistance.

The majority of claims are denied:

According to the SSAs own published data, less than 30 percent of initial applications for disability benefits are approved. Looking at it another way; seven out of every ten applicants are forced into the lengthy and cumbersome appeals process.

The first step in the process is a request for consideration, rarely does this result in the claim being approved. The next step is a hearing in the presence of an administrative law judge.

Proving your disability can be a challenge:

After a considerable wait, often more than one year, you will be invited to attend your disability hearing. This is when a seasoned disability lawyer in Knox County can genuinely help. Usually the SSA will have a medical expert attend the hearing; your disability lawyer will be in a position to cross examine the expert, eliciting testimony that will prove his or her client is disabled, meets all the criteria and deserves to be awarded benefits.

There is a far better chance of you reviving Social Security disability benefits if you are represented by an experienced disability lawyer in Knox County. You are invited to discuss your case with the Law Offices of Miller & Drozdowski, P.C. Like us on our facebook page.

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