A Disability Lawyer In Lawton, OK Can Help You Get Benefits When You Can’t Work

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

The Social Security Disability program is designed to provide income to people who cannot work due to a disability and children whose parents incur unusual expenses due to their medical condition. People who think they may be eligible for benefits apply with the Social Security Administration. The application process can be done online, in person or over the phone. Many people who are disabled are denied benefits even though they are disabled due to errors in their application or incomplete information from their treating physician.

Being denied for disability benefits when you know you are disabled can be crushing. If you are not able to easily resolve the issue with the Social Security Administration, the best thing to do is hire a disability lawyer in Lawton, OK to appeal the denial on your behalf. Lawyers that have experience filing disability appeals understand the process and know how to get claims approved. Whether your condition is on the list of disabling medical conditions or you need to prove that you or your child is disabled, a lawyer may help you get your claim approved.

Claims for Social Security Disability in Lawton, OK are denied for a number of reasons. The majority of claims are denied for technical reasons. These claims are rejected before a determination can be made regarding the applicants’ medical condition. Some common technical denies include:

1. submitting an incomplete application

2. not providing a means for the Social Security Administration to get in touch with you to discuss the application

3. not insured due to lack of work credits

4. no recent work history

If your claim was denied for a technical reason, you are eligible for an appeal. Your disability lawyer in Lawton, OK will compile and evaluate documentation related to your case and present it to the Social Security Administration. Your lawyer can accompany you to any hearings regarding your case and advocate for you throughout the process. After your claim is accepted, your lawyer may also help you get the information you need from your doctors and therapists so the Social Security Administration can confirm your diagnosis and approve your disability claim.

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