A Bail Bondsman in Santa Rosa You Can Trust

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Whatever the circumstances that led you to where you are, you have been arrested, arraigned, and your bail has been set. Your first inclination is to secure legal representation and begin putting together your defense, but that’s difficult to accomplish from the inside of a jail cell. To assist you with this issue, you need the experienced aid of a bail bondsman in Santa Rosa. As soon as you contact him he will start the wheels rolling to secure your release.

For many, the bail process is something new, but don’t let it intimidate you; it is structured to be as fast and uncomplicated as possible. It begins with a meeting with your bail bondsman where he will gather the information he needs, such as your personal contact information, basic background data, and any previous criminal history. This information will be held in strictest confidence and released to a third party only if you authorize it. You will then agree to pay a set percentage of your bond fee, sometimes referred to as the premium. The company arranging your bail will work with you to come up with a re-payment plan that is comfortable for you; you may even qualify for one of their discounts, depending on your situation. It’s also worth noting here that if collateral is used to pay your premium or any part of it, it will be held until a verdict is reached in your case. Your Bail bondsman in Santa Rosa will then arrange for your release based on your agreement to appear in court for all required dates.

If a friend or family member is in need of bail, you can arrange it on their behalf, following the same procedures. The only difference here is that you will be the one paying the premium. You will also be accepting responsibility for making sure they appear at all required court proceedings. This can be a large responsibility, so be sure that the individual you are helping understands what is entailed and is stable enough and responsible enough to carry through with their part of the arrangement.

The experienced professionals at rod buntjer bail bonds can help you at any hour of the day or night. You will be treated with respect and courtesy and every effort will be made to secure your release in a timely manner. If needed, they can even arrange free taxi service for you.

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