3 Styles Of Garage Doors

May, 2013 by

Your garage door contributes to the style of you home as much—if not more than—your front door does. It doesn’t matter if you live in a historic period home or a modern McMansion, a new garage door can enhance the curb appeal of your home and distinguish it from your neighbors. If you are shopping for a garage door in Woburn, MA it is helpful to know the difference between the different styles available. Most retailers carry three basic styles of overhead garage doors for residential purposes: traditional, contemporary or carriage house doors.

You can spot a traditional style garage door in Woburn, MA by its signature raised panels arranged in a symmetrical pattern. The panel size is typically equal on the entire door, but you there are also styles that mix classic sized panels with long sized panels giving the door a little more visual interest. Those that have long panels are sometimes referred to as ranch style garage doors rather than traditional doors. Windows are another feature that is sometimes found on traditional style garage doors. There are also a variety of colors to choose from and are manufactured with a durable, baked on finish. Still others can be painted as you see fit.

A contemporary style garage door boasts clean lines and flush-mounted panels for a sleek, stylish look. It may or may not have windows. One thing that is unique about contemporary overhead garage doors is that they often combine materials just as contemporary style furnishings do. It is not uncommon to see a door made from aluminum and glass, wood and copper or wood and steel.

One of the most popular styles of garage doors right now is the carriage house style garage door in Woburn, MA. It is built to mimic the look of the double sliding doors on an old-fashioned carriage house or barn. This style will instantly add the warmth and charm of yesteryear to your home. Even though it appears that there are two separate doors that fold, slide or swing open, a carriage style door still operates like any other overhead door. Other features that distinguish carriage house doors are historic architectural details, decorative windows and wrought iron hardware.