What is Meant by Preschool Education?

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What is Meant by Preschool Education?

Preschool education refers to learning activities that take place before the commencement of Kindergarten and grade school. The difference between a preschool education and a daycare center in Andover, New Jersey is that preschool might involve active learning activities that are focused and directed, but the types of activities will depend on the preschool or daycare center. If you are in Andover, NJ and want to understand more about your options for early childhood education, here are some things to consider about preschool education.

  1. Preschool prepares your child socially. Just as a daycare center would, a preschool helps your child develop social skills by playing with other children in a supervised learning environment. Your child will develop the ability to work collaboratively and cooperatively with peers, becoming more comfortable with emotional and self-expression.
  2. Preschool prepares your child cognitively. One of the benefits of preschool is that the early childhood educators running them are trained professionals who understand how to integrate evidence-based practices into the activities. This means that even playtime can be structured to promote age-appropriate cognitive development. Developing fine motor skills, verbal skills, mathematics skills, and an array of early knowledge acquisition will better prepare your child for Kindergarten and grade school.
  3. Preschool offers diverse learning experiences. A good preschool in New Jersey, like Alpine Montessori, offers children with diverse learning styles, different developmental or cognitive abilities, and different physical abilities to all learn together in a supportive environment. This means that all students are better prepared to function in a complex and diverse world.
  4. Preschool is safe and secure. Many parents want to know whether their preschool offers children a safe and secure environment. In the state of New Jersey, preschools are accredited, licensed, and monitored.

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