Three Common Problems with Home Windows in Fort Worth

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Three Common Problems with Home Windows in Fort Worth

Although many homes have double- or triple-pane windows, there are still many houses with single-pane windows on them. Whether the glass is broken or there are more complicated issues, these repairs should be done by professionals. Here are three problems that can occur in residential windows with single, double, or triple window panes.

Bad Window Seals

If you notice condensation forming between the layers of glass when you have insulated windows, this is an indication that the seals have failed. They are allowing the gas between the window panes to leak out and the cooler outside air to press against the warm panes, which creates condensation or fog. If you notice this problem with your home windows in Fort Worth, you will need to have your window seals replaced.

Drafts around Windows

If you notice that there is cold or hot air leaking into your home near the windows, then you should have them checked for broken or cracked panes and have them weatherstripped. Many single-pane windows can have drafts but they can usually be stopped by weatherstripping the windows. A professional glass company can examine and perform repairs on your home windows to stop the drafts and help keep your energy bills under control.

Hard to Open

If the frames around your windows are wood, then they could swell and make them hard to open. This problem mainly occurs during the wet season because high humidity causes the wood to swell so the windows get stuck when you are opening them. A company such as AAA Glass that does window repairs can examine your windows to find out what is causing the problem and fix it.

Whether you need the glass in your home windows replaced or window repairs done, call in window repair professionals to get the job done right.

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