The Importance of Using Digital Inspection Equipment for Drain Cleaners

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The Importance of Using Digital Inspection Equipment for Drain Cleaners

Digital inspection equipment for drains are basically portable and smaller CCTV systems designed for the special purpose of surveying drains. These have become an essential part of a modern day, professional drain-cleaners arsenal. It will help you establish a level of trust with your customers by providing them with evidence about the condition of their drain. When people know what kind of blockage or damage you have to work through, they will be more inclined to facilitate your requirements.

What Components are Included in Digital Inspection Equipment

The major components of inspection equipment include a small enough camera that can travel through drain lines; a control panel, which allows you to control its movement; and screens to watch the live footage on. Other features like Internet connectivity so that you may email or share the video you capture in real time or pipe locating functionality are all benchmarks of modern digital inspection equipment.

When selecting inspection equipment, remember the purpose behind its purchase. You could go for an old fashioned model that provides grainy, black and white footage, but would that help you? Will you be able to diagnose the problems within a drainpipe by looking at such hard-to-decipher video? The world has come a long way in recent years. HD video technology is readily available. Make use of the advancements in video and make your job easier.

Why You Need Drain Inspection

Drain inspection involves you running your camera through a drain line while viewing/recording the video to check for any problems. The camera is connected to your control panel via a flexible snake or a push cable that is maneuvered to make its way around the drainpipes.

You need drain inspection equipment so that you can pinpoint any clogs or damage before you dive into the cleaning part. You don’t need to rely on estimates and guesswork anymore. No more trial and error. You go in prepared armed with tangible data about what you have to do. The drain cleaning process becomes a lot more efficient.

Furthermore, inspection might provide you with visuals, which point out potential problem areas that could become troublesome in the future. Maybe there are small pockets of grease accumulating or tiny punctures forming within the pipe. When the accumulation is not dealt with right away, you could have a full-blown blockage on your hands in the future. Similarly, those holes will grow bigger and wreak havoc. You can nip the problem in the bud by acting now.

Digital Inspection Cameras from Duracable

Duracable carries the latest Ridgid digital inspection equipment that money can buy. This includes cameras, snakes and reels, monitors, recorders, transmitters and locators. We understand drain cleaning like the back of our hands. Our equipment is incredibly hardy, making it suitable for use under the rugged conditions that come with working in underground environments.

It doesn’t matter how hard a drain cleaning job may seem. There is no reason for you go in blindly. As long as you have the right digital inspection equipment on hand, you can conquer anything. Call us on 877-244-0740 or contact us and let us help you find system that suits your needs and budget.

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