Need Car Parts in Groton, CT ? Call Bumper To Bumper

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Need Car Parts in Groton, CT ? Call Bumper To Bumper

Car repairs can ruin a person’s budget for months, even if they do the repair themselves. Buying used Car Parts in Groton, CT can significantly lower the cost of fixing a car. Bumper To Bumper has over 100,000 car parts in their inventory. ¬†In addition to used car parts that come out of junked cars, they have new car parts direct from the manufacturer and new parts made in facilities other than the manufacturer. The latter are referred to as aftermarket parts. They are often much cheaper than those made by the manufacturer.

Customers are often concerned about the warranties on Car Parts in Groton, CT that they buy at salvage yards. Our customers enjoy the security of a 90-day warranty on every use car part sold. They can also opt for a longer warranty if they choose. New and rebuilt car parts have between a six-month or two-year warranty. These differ with each manufacturer. For convenience car owners can stop in at the facility and pick up a part. They can also call to request a part or order it online. In addition to picking up the part, they can request that it be shipped to their home or a garage.

A computerized inventory of parts and cars allows the staff to respond quickly to car part requests. Parts that on the shelf and in the car are both in the database. Because of insurance requirements, customers can no longer pull their own parts out of cars. In addition to individual car owners, many body shops and repair garages also buy their Car Parts in Groton, CT. This allows them to reduce their costs by 50 percent to 90 percent on certain features. That means that they can offer their customers competitive repair prices. Free shipping is available to these shops with a 75-mile radius of the salvage yard. Shipping is also available anywhere in the United States.

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