Highlighting the Features of a Carbon Steel Scotch Yoke Actuator

October, 2017 by

Highlighting the Features of a Carbon Steel Scotch Yoke Actuator

If you work in an industry that requires resilient parts and components, you need to make sure your supplier fully understands these requirements. Therefore, make sure you are aligned with a company that can assist you in meeting your manufacturing or industrial needs.

For example, the use of carbon steel scotch yoke rotary actuators is required in the most demanding and harsh industrial environments and applications. In these environments, reliability and functionality are paramount throughout the entire cycle of valve automation. This type of actuator, which is normally used for larger-sized valves, features a 90-degree quarter turn – converting linear movement to rotary activity.

Obtaining Lengthy and Uninterrupted Service

This is done by driving a cylinder and carbon steel scotch yoke mechanism with a high start feature. In turn, power is transmitted continually and actuated so that the valve can perform its operation. This type of component is economical, lightweight, and condensed, thereby offering a low-maintenance solution to industries that require parts that offer lengthy and uninterrupted services.

Some of the Benefits

  • A pneumatic carbon steel scotch yoke actuator offers a number of decided advantages when it comes to the actuation of ball, plug, or butterfly valves. These benefits are marked by the following features:
  • A compact design that is lightweight, economical and dependable, thereby leading to long, uninterrupted service
  • A higher breakout torque, which makes the actuator the ideal solution for ball and butterfly valves where three-quarters of the torque is triggered by the seat
  • Enhanced torque for a spring return position
  • A fail-safe type opening and closing setup
  • The addition of override features for manual use, such as hand pump, gear operation, and jack screw

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