General Generator Service NY Information

May, 2013 by

We are dependent on power. Power runs everything from our refrigerator to our bathroom lights. We feel lost without it and sometimes don’t know what to do if we have to go countless hours or even days without it. If your lifestyle requires you to have Generator Service NY during a power outage then there are four simple criteria to determine which one is right to power up your most important appliances during a blackout.

The first thing to do to determine the size of the generator you need is to figure out which appliances you want to keep running. Include all the refrigerators, freezers, pumps, and heating or air conditioning appliances. Check the nameplate on each of these items and add up the amount of wattage or amps that it will require to run them. You then need to convert all the power listings into watts and that will be the grand total for the size of the generator to keep all of the major appliances running.

There are two ways to determine what the start up power is needed to start all your appliances. You can either look up the averages and again add them all together, or you can call the manufacturer directly or look up the user’s manual to find the exact amount of power needed to start your appliance. Then there are also the appliances that do not have a start-up amperage required such as simple things like lights or an iron.

Finally, add up everything from the major appliance wattage, the start-up wattage and the simple watts used from smaller appliances and that is the size generator you will need to buy. You can buy a portable generator that will have adequate wattage to run most electrical appliances in a home. The bigger the generator the bigger the price tag. In an attempt to save money on your generator purchase keep in mind the necessity of Generator Service NY to begin with. If blackouts are frequent you should opt for the larger capacity performer. If blackouts are rare then consider buying a smaller generator that you can rotate appliances through on the power on an as-needed basis.