Dentists in Lubbock – Services You Should Expect at the Dentist

October, 2013 by Alma Abell

Going to the dentist is part of a good oral hygiene and health plan. They provide services that prevent tooth and gum disease, restore teeth, provide aesthetic solutions, and educate you on proper oral home care. Dentists in Lubbock help you obtain, maintain, or restore your beautiful smile with services that make your mouth healthy and happy. The following dental services are what you can expect when you see your dentist.

Prevention and Maintenance

Most dental problems can be prevented with proper preventative and maintenance solutions. Regular visits for exams and cleaning at your dentist’s office and proper home care provides both prevention and maintenance for your oral health. Proper brushing and flossing are the basics of dental care at home. Dental treatments like fluoride and sealants are also good for preventing tooth decay and gum disease. Sealants and fluoride are crucial to children while their teeth are developing.

General Restoration

General restorative treatments provide a way to not only restore a tooth, but also its function. Tooth decay causes cavities that should be addressed as quickly as possible to prevent it from spreading to surrounding teeth and getting into the gum line. Silver or tooth-colored fillings, crowns and caps, and dental bonding can restore teeth and their function. Part of general restoration also includes gingivitis treatments to help prevent serious periodontal disease. Dentists in Lubbock offer services for general dentistry for these restoration solutions.

Smile Aesthetics

Cosmetic dental treatments are mostly aesthetic, but can also be functional even if they are considered cosmetic. Teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, dental bonding, dental implants, dentures, and bridgework are all designed to enhance your smile. Most of these treatments are not covered by conventional dental insurance, but dentists often offer special financing for some of these services.

When you are choosing a dentist, it is important to make sure they accept your insurance coverage so you don’t have to pay more than you should. Dentists in Lubbock can provide you with all the dental care you need at one office. J.C. Adkins, DDS and Cosmetic dentist and Summer C. Ketron, DDS General dentist are dedicated to helping you have the healthiest and happiest smile possible.


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