Contact Commercial Landlord Services in Chicago You Can Trust

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Contact Commercial Landlord Services in Chicago You Can Trust

Whether you’re a landlord renting to tenants or a tenant renting a space, disputes are bound to happen and it’s important to get commercial landlord services in Chicago that can be trusted. Disputes can be over the safety of the area, receiving a security deposit back, or the eviction of a tenant for not fulfilling the terms of their lease. Getting the support of an experienced law office can reduce the chance of paying fraudulent damages or of being evicted for a false reason. An experienced law firm will have the in-depth knowledge an organization or individual needs when it involves tenant issues.

Evicting a tenant from their home or business location requires careful planning, and legal steps must be taken. An individual renting a home must be given proper notification, and a landlord cannot shut off the utilities to a home to force a tenant to leave. Expert commercial landlord services in Chicago will help an owner understand the proper procedure to follow so they’re not sued by their tenants. If a family needs help to remain in their home, an attorney will provide the defense they need even if they’re having difficulty paying the rent.

When a business finds a perfect location, they should have an attorney review the lease agreement. A business owner doesn’t want to find out they’ve been evicted after their customers know exactly where they’re located and the have to spend more time looking for a new space. Relocating a business could cost them thousands of dollars in lost sales. However, an experienced commercial tenant eviction attorney can provide the defense they need because of an eviction notice. Tenants are often afraid to speak up for their rights because they feel they have no options but to move. This is not the case in many situations.

Starr, Bejgiert, Zink & Rowells have over 80 years of combined experience focused on landlord-tenant litigation under the Chicago Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance, as well as Illinois laws, building code violation hearings, zoning matters, real estate matters, and much more. When you have a question about a tenant or landlord situation, contact them for the legal information you need.

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