Consult a Child Support Lawyer in Frederick Before Missing a Payment

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Consult a Child Support Lawyer in Frederick Before Missing a Payment

Over time, family courts have found that court-ordered child support is the ideal way to ensure children are financially supported by both parents. Each state has a formula it uses to determine how much each parent should contribute to their child’s financial needs. In most cases, this formula provides an accurate representation of the parents’ finances and allows them both to contribute to their child’s care to the best of their ability.

The Formula Doesn’t Always Work

Unfortunately, the state formula doesn’t always reflect a parent’s ability to provide financial support for children who live outside their household. A noncustodial parent who contributes a significant amount of time, transportation, and educational support to their children might be overwhelmed by the amount the court asks them to pay their ex-spouse.

Options for Parents Who Can’t Pay Child Support

The first step a parent should take when they don’t think the amount quoted by the court is fair is to consult a Child Support Lawyer in Frederick. A lawyer may petition the court for a review of the case in an effort to get the child support reduced to a more reasonable amount. There are a few reasons why a court might reduce the amount a noncustodial parent pays in child support.

What a Parent Can Do if they Aren’t Satisfied with the Court Order

No matter whether a parent thinks the child support order is fair or not, it’s important to make regular payments. Failure to pay child support could lead to unwanted consequences, including driver’s license suspension and even jail. If a parent’s circumstances change after the order is made or they just don’t agree with the amount they are court-ordered to pay, consulting with a Child Support Lawyer in Frederick is a much better course of action.

Noncustodial parents who have a problem with the way the court says they should financially support their children should get legal help right away. Simply not making payments to dispute the amount could result in legal problems and may mean the children don’t have the things they need until the matter is resolved. Unpaid child support could also be reported to credit bureaus and make it more difficult for the noncustodial parent to support themselves.

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