Benefits of Purchasing Maytag Air Conditioners

July, 2016 by

Benefits of Purchasing Maytag Air Conditioners

There is no question that Maytag Air Conditioners are well-designed and offer superior comfort for homeowners who choose this brand. These units are both efficient and powerful, helping to keep the temperatures in the home comfortable and energy costs down. If a homeowner is considering purchasing this brand of AC, it is a good idea to get to know some helpful information about them.

Energy Efficiency

Maytag Air Conditioners have a long-running reputation for superior efficiency. There are several models that have been given the Energy Star designation. This lets homeowners know they are not units that are simply going to drive up their energy costs.

Warranty Offerings

Another benefit offered by purchasing a Maytag AC is that the company provides consumers with a long-lasting warranty. For example, the compressors on most units are covered for a period of 12 years, and there is also a 12-year limited warranty for other parts. This is longer than the 10-year warranty that is offered by most other companies.

This company offers a longer warranty simply because it is confident in the durability of the units offered. Also, this is an American-made product with all the units being assembled in either Tennessee or Missouri. This longer warranty offers a clear advantage over the competitors. However, it is necessary to register the unit to receive the full warranty. If this is not done, the warranty will only last for five years, rather than 12.

AC Installation

While there are quite a few benefits offered by purchasing a Maytag AC, it is important to note that the long-term integrity of the unit depends on the installer’s competence. If mistakes are made during the installation process, it can lead to the need for frequent service. It is essential for a consumer to find a contractor who knows Maytag units and how to install them properly.

There is no question that Maytag is a trusted name when it comes to air conditioners and a number of other appliances. For consumers who want a long-lasting unit that is protected by an extensive warranty, then Maytag is the brand to choose. Consumers who would like to learn more can visit the website.You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.