6 Things to Do Before Calling for Heating Service in Bethany Beach DE

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6 Things to Do Before Calling for Heating Service in Bethany Beach DE

A malfunctioning furnace can throw the entire household into a panic, particularly if it happens during the holidays or on a busy morning. The idea of having no heat during the winter can be frightening, and the issues that come with it are complex. While it may be tempting to do some DIY work, it may be better to all for Heating Service in Bethany Beach DE. Consider the following factors before making the call.

Check the Thermostat

Before calling for service, check to see if the thermostat’s heat setting has been turned on. It’s surprising how often people overlook this, but it’s a common reason for heating issues.

Look at the Temperature

Another thermostat-related factor is the room’s actual temperature. Look to see whether the thermostat is set higher than the room’s actual temperature.

Make Sure There’s Power Going to the Furnace

Some issues are as simple as a tripped breaker. Start by turning the thermostat to the fan setting. If there’s no result, find the appropriate circuit breaker and reset it before calling for Heating Service in Bethany Beach DE.

Check the Vents and the Air Filter

If air can’t flow freely, the heater won’t work properly. Check to see whether there’s anything blocking a vent, that the registers have been opened, and that they’re putting out heated air. Dirty filters can cause problems as well, but changing them once per month can help.

Check the Pilot Light

On a gas furnace, the burner’s flame should be burning evenly in a blue color. If the flame turns yellow, it could be due to dirty burners or a carbon monoxide leak. These conditions can be dangerous and they should be addressed by an HVAC professional.

Clean the Furnace

Like other machines, a clean furnace simply runs better. Most warranties require an annual inspection, which is a great way to keep things clean and find problems before they get out of hand. During the inspection, the tech will vacuum the blower blades and burners, dust sensitive components, and clean the flame sensors.

While most customers can make it through winter with no problems, issues sometimes arise unexpectedly. Visit Arcticheatandair.com for more details or call today to schedule service.

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